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...through music!

Beat Buddies Music was launched in 2020 by its founder, Graeme Barclay. The initiative has been expertly designed utilising specialised skills amassed during Graeme’s  25 year successful, respected and happy career as an inclusive music educator, Service Manager, CPD presenter and professional performer. 


Beat Buddies Music Education is built on a firm belief of securing inclusive and effective projects, professional partnerships, bespoke project suitability/sustainability and mutually agreed tailored outcomes for clients.


About Graeme

Graeme’s skill set in relation to the following educational and professional aspects has been widely referenced and described as being of a sector leading standard:


  • Facilitating, engaging and enthusing large group/whole class music making activities.

  • Embedding and assuring absolute inclusion within beneficial music making and learning activities.

  • Working with and enthusing learners with Additional Support Needs.

  • Building strong and supportive relationships with pupils/participants and stakeholders.


  • Imparting specialist knowledge and skills onto staff and empowering them to believe in their own abilities.

  • Designing Service structure and showcasing models in tandem with development and training methods to enable growth and/or turnaround.


Graeme has held a number of national representative leadership roles, most notably Chairperson of Heads of Instrumental Teaching Scotland and Convenor of the EIS National Music Instructors’ Network. He was instrumental in the writing and publication of Scotland’s first Charter for Instrumental Music Tuition.

Graeme has presented at many national music education events (YMI Learning Day, HITS Conference, Music Education Matters Conference, MU National CPD Weekend, MEPG initiatives). He is also a regular guest feature writer for a number of respected education and music publications.

During his career as a percussionist and drummer Graeme has performed with all of Scotland’s professional orchestras, many professional theatre tours and countless bands & ensembles. 

Over recent years Graeme has emerged as an in demand and respected concert and event compere.


About Beat Buddies Music Projects

Our projects practically and holistically embed the four essential pillars of Beat Buddies Music (believing, enjoying, achieving and transforming) through inclusive, fun and meaningful musical activity. Through participating in warm-up exercise, body percussion, rhythmic skill building, samba-based percussion, tuned percussion and singing activities young learners (and staff) will significantly improve their sense of musical awareness, confidence and ability. Of equal importance, within the context of Beat Buddies Music Education, participants will feel enriched and included through essential supports in achieving effective team building, raised self-esteem…and enjoyment!


Performance (to peers and the public) is a vital and driving strand associated to Beat Buddies Music. Through performance learners/participants are able to consolidate not only their learning, but also key educational components and outcomes associated to the project and activities. Such occasions also enrich the musical lives of a communities whilst celebrating effective partnership relationships and cultural development.

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